Editorial: Awareness for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Recently, there has been a lot of news coverage on Asian Americans. This month we celebrate them and their heritage.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

Since our most recent coverage on celebrating African-American culture in February and Hispanic culture in September / October, this month we celebrate Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander culture.
While typically seen as having one of the smallest populations in the United States, this minority group has a lot to share regarding diverse cultural backgrounds and achievements that are often forgotten or overlooked. The month of May is dedicated to Asian-Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to recognize their contributions and influence on American history and culture.
As you might already know, there has been an increased popularity in foreign music, especially in the Kpop (Korean-pop) industry. Everywhere on Twitter, one can find clips of Kpop artists or groups. If you’re not familiar with Kpop or other foreign songs, listening to one is already a step to celebrating this month.
This doesn’t only have to apply to music, though. You can read books or writings by Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders to learn about their experiences or visit museums that focus on this particular theme.
During these trying times, it is especially important to support local businesses, including Asian-themed restaurants. This is also a great opportunity to try a new cuisine or food that you’ve never had before. A story under “Current Theme” covers some traditional foods that can help you choose something to try. However, you could just find a restaurant nearby since Fairfield and Solano County is such a diverse place.
Sadly, we live in a time period when a large group of people is being blamed for something that they had no control over, and it is important to think about what we do and say and spread a positive message rather than a negative one. As a minority myself, I recognize that the voices of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders are frequently ignored or unacknowledged. This month gives us a chance to learn and appreciate their contributions and ideas. As a start, read some of the stories on The Signal.

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