Editorial: The day that changed everything last year


Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

The world changed last year and we’re still seeing it today.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

The date March 13, 2020, tends to echo in people’s minds like a forbidden memory. The pandemic that has continued to impact everyone’s lives caused the country to go under quarantine and panic. This drastic change in people’s lifestyles everywhere upended everything, especially their daily routines, such as going to in person work and classes. To this day, these changes remain and become part of our new schedule.
Students all over the country can recall their thoughts and emotions on the day they were told school would be cancelled for only two weeks. Many Armijo students might not come back to campus this school year, which would mean they would experience an entire year of high school completely online. That means seeing your peers in little profile pictures, often not even images of the students themselves, but only things that represent them.
While we will not have normal Homecomings or a traditional prom, we’re privileged to live in a time where technology can still connect us. We can continue to look forward to online school events provided by Leadership, and the Associated Student Body (ASB) officers and Leadership teams have already given students opportunities to create unique memories for a unique year.
During the year of quarantine, many of us have found a new sense of normalcy. I know for me, one of the biggest changes is my increased screen time, especially with online school. However, while we’re still living in a sort of limbo stage – waiting for things to return to
how they were – we have to try to remain positive. It’s important to continue to care for our physical and mental health, especially in these more isolated times.
To find out more about different experiences and how the pandemic changed lives last year, read some of the latest stories that focus on this past year in COVID. We cover information that you should know, such as what our schedule looks like during the hybrid model after Spring Break, so it’s important to check back!

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