Your story matters to others

National Write Your Story Day – March 14


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Your story is worth telling. Start today.

Maya Adimora, Staff writer

Most people know March 14 as National Pi Day, a day in which we celebrate the mathematical symbol known as pi. However, it shares a date with the much lesser-known National Write Your Story Day, created by author and artist Mitzy in 2017 then recognized by the National Calendar in 2018 (

No matter how “boring” someone may perceive his or her life to be, there is always something valuable worth sharing. It may be a hobby, a passion, or a special memory. For example, I taught myself how to ride a bicycle and there’s a story behind that.

Your life is a combination of interests, emotions, experiences unique to only you. There will always be something to write if you look hard enough.

So, put a pencil to paper or fingers to a keyboard and get to writing! Remember, a thousand people can write for the same prompt but produce a thousand different pictures.

It is not always easy to come up with the words for it, so start small and think big. Write about someone or something important to you, then write about how it impacted your life. From there, the words will begin to flow as the memories rush back.

It may sound unnecessary, but this is the stepping stone to creative writing. When in doubt, many well-known authors draw from their lives to create complex albeit entertaining stories. Memoirs are a notable example since they are essentially biographies.

Your story could be the one to touch thousands of hearts. Who knows? You certainly will not unless you make an effort to write yours.

On Sunday, March 14, share your story on any social media platform using the hashtags: #NationalWriteYourStoryDay and #WriteYourStoryDay.

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