Student leader adapts to new normal

ASB focus: Treasurer


Joel Bejarano Alanis

Even during COVID, Miggy doesn’t have time for boredom.

Kayla Rhodes, School News Editor

One of the many things that Severo Miguel “Miggy” Silva does is serve on the Associated Student Body (ASB) as the treasurer. Silva has been class treasurer in both his freshman and sophomore years.

“My job, along with the other ASB officers and Mr. Casey Towner, is to organize and lead the leadership class through various school and community events,” he said. “I am in charge of my own committee of about 20 Leadership students where we created events for staff members at Armijo and assisted in the KI Jones’ Trunk or Treat event.” With the other officers, Silva attends monthly meetings with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) Superintendent Kris Corey, representing Armijo and explaining the proposed events.

“I chose to go into student government because I was inspired by past ASB officers,” said Silva. “I looked up to the way past ASB officers led the leadership class, fulfilled their responsibilities, and were capable role models. I always wanted to be like them so I ran for office at the end of junior year. I entered the ASB office (treasurer) at the start of senior year. I campaigned by making a speech virtually, making a campaign video, and creating a sheet about myself and the policies I wanted to implement.”

While Silva has had experience as treasurer before, like everyone else, he is adapting to the changes in procedures due to COVID-19. “Classes are now virtual, meaning we had to have leadership class virtual as well,” said Silva. “I had to come up with new ways to inspire engaging brainstorms and discussions through a screen. We had to come up with new ways to create and host events virtually as well. While different from a traditional setting, I saw the barriers of COVID as a challenge and a new way of approaching student government.”

Solving problems has become one of Silva’s strengths over the years, but he’s not sure if he will continue being a class officer when he moves onto college in the fall. “I’ll have to think about that, but I probably will,” he said. “I’m a part of the Student Advisory Council for the district where we meet with the student board representatives to discuss concerns and solutions within our schools.”

He is currently involved in College and Career Club and National Honors Society (NHS) at Armijo, and has run track every year in high school. “I like to play the piano and I play trumpet for the school band,” said Silva.

Whether or not he pursues a position in student government in college, Silva plans to study aerospace engineering. For those who are considering pursuing an ASB position in high school, he encourages it. “Just go for it! The leadership program has had a great impact on my high school experience. I’ve met a lot of great people and made tons of memories. Don’t be afraid to meet others, try new things, and put yourself out there in the program. That will help you become more comfortable in the program and prepare you for ASB,” he said.

Silva has two sisters, ages 12 and 8, and he said that his mom is his role model because she works really hard.

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