Editorial: It’s all fun and games this season!


Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

Throwback to old board games or catch up with what kids are playing with these days by reading the current theme!

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

With the holiday shopping season beginning, we can look around the stores and see today’s popular toys and games. They might be similar to what we’ve had as kids or something completely new. We may sometimes wish these toys existed when we were younger. I know I would’ve asked for a Nintendo Switch and a cute Baby Yoda plushie.
While we may be high schoolers now, we’ve all been kids wanting that special toy or game. Most of us might have had our fair share of favorite toys, but still wishing for a certain toy in a store aisle. We might also have these toys around the house right now. If you had board games or multiplayer video games, you might still be playing them, especially if they’re with old friends and family. Remember the classic games like Candyland, Connect Four, and Monopoly?
It might seem silly to admit that we still keep our childhood things, but it isn’t something to be ashamed of. We may have grown out of our old clothes, but we still find security and comfort in a meaningful stuffed animal or action figure. These toys and games might even have been given to us by family and friends. They carry our childhood memories from a time when we were young and more carefree.
It’s nice to keep old toys and games to keep those old memories and feelings. They bring nostalgia and could possibly be played by other children in the future, passing on new traditions and memories.
While you’re finishing up reading the other stories, consider taking the poll to tally up Armijo’s favorite toys and games! You can learn about the trending toys today or take a peek at our childhood.

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