Junior: Zhenman (Max) Shen


Zhenman “Max” Shen

I have been in Leadership since freshman year, so this is my third year.


Throughout my high school year, I’ve been participating in many clubs and sports teams inside of the school and I’ve also been involved with programs outside of school. During my freshman year, I was named the captain of the JV team. Additionally, I was also the vice president of the guitar club, and now I’m officially the president of the guitar club. Outside of school, I’ve been in leadership positions in my Boy Scout Troop. I was the Senior Patrol Leader, which I oversaw all aspects of the troop and led the troop through events, and kept people active even during the coronavirus lockdown using online meetings. Therefore, my skills from those leadership positions will benefit me as a class officer. 


I want to create a fun and engaging environment in leadership. I am passionate about creating bonds and memorable experiences that we will look upon after we leave high school. Because one thing I’ve been noticing a lot is that some students feel uncomfortable sharing out their ideas and opinions. I would like to bring them out of their comfort zone because that is what leadership has done for me throughout my time as a student participating in the class. Therefore for my last year and a half in high school, I would like to establish activities and programs that the entire class of 2022 would enjoy. Such as more bonding activities and game nights where people can come together and enjoy before we head on different paths. During class meetings, I would like to include more get to know each other activities so people would feel more comfortable to collaborate and discuss with each other. These are the main goals that I will achieve if I’m elected as a class officer.

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