Junior: Juliana Delmendo

Juliana Delmendo

Juliana Delmendo

Previous Positions

  • Freshman President
  • Committee Head: Leadership Holiday
  • Committee Head: Night Rally
  • Committee Head (main): Sped Relations (Current)

Facts & About Me

I am Juliana Delmendo. I am a junior. I am in my 3rd year of Leadership.  This program is something I am very passionate about. I am active in school as I am in the IB program and played for the Armijo badminton team in addition to Leadership. You can always find me at school events. I always have energy and spirit at A-Team games. You can count on my creativity and open attitude to be down for anything.

Skills & Characteristics

I am a hostess for a restaurant meaning I have strong people and organization skills. While I work, I have to deal with many different people and situations often. This allows me to adapt to new problems and improves my problem-solving. I am also a hard worker. My freshman year, I had the most amount of o-hours (community service hours) and I did more i-hours and i-tasks than required. Along with being hard working, I am reliable. In the past years of being in leadership, I have found myself needed in last minute decisions and problems. The ASB officers I have worked with could always count on me to help and others can count on me.  But the most important characteristic I have is the passion to help. I know that I can help make change and I want others to know that as well. Having a strong leader with these characteristics is important to success in any area.

My Plan

  1. My main goal as a class officer is to bring the class together and strengthen ourselves through these difficult times. Over multiple instances of the class of 2022 working together, we struggle to work respectfully. A major focus of mine would be to bring the class together where we accomplish things without fighting to the extent that the class divides.
  2. From our renewed bond, I have a goal to get the class involved with the school. To have the whole school count on us. And to have lots of participation from the class whether in homecoming, or powderpuff, or anything, just more involvement.
  3. Another goal is to also use our class strength in supporting our community. During these times, many people around us are struggling in different ways and I believe that our class can help others.
  4. Prom, an uncertain event. Depending on whether or not there will be an in-person prom, I want to collaborate with everyone to put on a memorable night. If it is in-person, we would follow and plan along guidelines. And an idea for a distant prom could be making an edited video of all the students getting ready and having their own personal prom in their homes. The video can be sent to the whole school and used to hold memories.
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