Junior: Mariyam Oladele


Mariyam Oladele

3rd Year in Leadership

Leadership Positions

  • Sped Basketball Committee Head
  • Sped Relations Co-Committee Head
  • Backdrops Committee Head (Football Hoco)

Get to know Me 🙂

I see myself as a goal-oriented individual.  If I have a goal in mind, I’ll do everything I can to achieve it. Sometimes unforeseen obstacles make goals seem unachievable and 20/20 vision only goes so far. I’m not one to let negative experiences or obstacles obstruct my vision entirely. You just have to keep going and eventually, you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. To give some background, I aspire to be an anesthesiologist and although I can’t fully comprehend how difficult the path will be, I’ve already taken the first step to reaching my goal by becoming a certified nursing assistant. The Coronavirus pandemic only encouraged me more to take this step because after constantly hearing about despair day after day, I wanted to do something to fight it. One small step can lead to other big ones. It seems cliche but I know we can keep that same energy in Leadership.

What’s Important to Me 

For as long as I can remember Special Education has always had a special place in my heart. Students in the special education program at Armijo are no exception. They deserve to have a high school experience that is just as fun and memorable as ours. In order to make this happen, we have to break the negative stigma around disabilities and make our campus more welcoming to all students. That means making more of an effort and going outside our comfort zone. I believe that this goal is more than obtainable and if (when) we achieve it we will leave Armijo a better place for many years to come.  Ms.Lynne, who was previously an Adapted PE teacher at Armijo,  is one of the most compassionate and dedicated human beings I have ever met. I want to continue to spread her kindness even though she has retired and I genuinely think it’s something we can do as a class.

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