Sophomore: Aaliyah Watson

Sophomore: Aaliyah Watson

This is my 1st year in leadership however I would often help out and go to the class last year!

Past Positions:

Though I have not held an official leadership title, I have helped out with certain events and clubs. I would occasionally attend the 7am leadership class even though I wasn’t actually in leadership. I helped with multiple events and I signed up and attended Read Across America with the NHS at Armijo last school year. Even though I haven’t held an official leadership title I am willing to answer any questions anyone has. I am also very determined and I really do want to make a change. 

What is Important to Me and What I Would Change:

Student Satisfaction: I doubt every student at Armijo is satisfied with everything. I’d like to be able to send out monthly surveys asking every single Armijo High student how they have been feeling, what they think could be better, etc. So that I, and my peers could help make Armijo a better school and a closer family. I want to close the gap between leadership/IB students and gen ed students for good.

Equal opportunities: As you can probably tell, not all students at Armijo get the same opportunities. They all tend to stay between the IB/Leadership programs and if they arent they are usually open to the program’s first, therefore lots of opportunities are taken from other students and just regular people at Armijo. I would really love it if I could change that so that EVERYONE is given the same opportunities at the same times.

Student Voice: The staff here at Armijo are of course caring and very sweet, however, I’ve noticed that they rarely ever pay attention to student concerns and affairs. They tend to just do what their bosses say. I do not think that’s the best thing because students don’t feel like we are being heard. If I was elected class president I would try my very best to start making a change with this issue. I would have monthly meetings with the Principal and Vice principal and relay the monthly survey answers to them and discuss new ways to make every student at Armijo an even better student than before.

No more discrimination between students: Here at Armijo there is a fine line bewteen IB students and gen ed students. Therefore there is a huge separation line causing each party to feel left out of things from the other parties. I would like to start changing this. I would start asking if we could hold more events within the entirety or Armijo, not just within the leadership/IB program.

My Skills:

Determination: I am very determined when it comes to getting things done. I will try my absolute hardest to get what I believe is beneficial to every single student here at Armijo.

Natural Born Leader: I am a natural born leader and am never afraid of a challellenge. I’m very organized and put together so I rarely am slacking or not being there for my group.

Caring: I care about everyone, even if I don’t know who they are. I just want everyone to feel appreciated and loved because at the end of the day those are some of the best things you can give someone.

Observant: I feel as though I’d be a great help in a class officer position because I am very observant. I always am able to pinpoint if something is off with someone or if the atmosphere is not its usual. This comes in handy when I do have to meet with older people because it’s easy to tell if I’m boring them out of their mind or actually making a difference.

Thoughtful: Overall I am thoughtful. I am running for class president because I want to make a change. I’ve asked numerous people what they think could be done to make Armijo a better place and I’ve taken notes of all of them. I am doing this because I want everyone at this school to feel as though their thoughts and worries are being heard and not shoved off. That’s the best anyone wants here.

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