Sophomore: Olivia Mauk

Sophomore: Olivia Mauk

10th grade

First year in Leadership

Past/Current Leadership Roles

Public Safety Academy- Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Class Officer, Club Advisor

Armijo High School- Armijo Theatre Productions President, College and Career Club Secretary

Generation Up- Regional Anchor for Armijo High School

Girl Scouts of America- Program Aide

About Me

Hello there, I am Olivia Mauk. I enjoy listening to music, going on hikes, and performing. I consider myself a creative outgoing person. I have been a performer for most of my life, whether it is dancing on stage or giving a speech in class. I am what you may call a natural leader. I always am the first to step up during a group project or in any group setting. In addition, I am also very focused on school. I always have been a hard and organized worker. I am ecstatic to be running for class office because I am ready to make this year as memorable as the previous years. 

My Platform

I believe that it will be key to focus on school environment. This year, we have been alone for the most part, in our rooms and homes. I don’t want the welcoming environment of our student body to diminish because of distance learning. I believe we need activities for all students, not just those in leadership, so that we can insure they still feel included to the student life at Armijo. 

In the leadership program it self, I would push ourselves to invent new events for the student body. This year has forced us to be creative in our planning, and I think we should embrace that. We should try new events we have never done before. No idea is a bad idea in this field. 


This is just a small part of my mind and ideas that I have for this position. I thank you for this opportunity and I will perform the duties to the best of my ability. 

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