Freshman: Rianna Samson


As a freshman, I have not held any class officer positions. However, in 8th grade, I was part of leadership and I was also the lead yearbook editor. For this school year, I helped leadership by going to Armijo for three days in a row to help paint backdrops and give out candy for the Trunk or Treat at K.I. Jones.

My characteristics and skills:

I have always been a very determined person, and I have always wanted to contribute to anything as much as I can because contribution is something I’ve always loved to do. I have also always put all the effort I have into everything I’ve done, and I never start any project or work without finishing it.

How I plan to contribute to leadership:

I plan to contribute to leadership by making sure everyone in the program and outside of it feels involved. As someone who has constantly felt left out and knows so many other people that have too, equality and the feelings of other people are very important for me, so if I notice anyone that feels that way, I will be sure to change that to the best of my ability.

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