Freshman: Zahara Qorbanzada


Zahara Qorbanzada

Leadership Experience/Positions I’ve Held

– Participated in 7th and 8th Grade Leadership

– Halloween Social Event Food Committee Head 8th Grade

– Masquerade Dance Food Committee Head 8th Grade

– St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt Committee Head(due to certain circumstances it was canceled last minute after a long period of planning, it was still fun to plan though) 8th Grade

– Prank Week Committee Head [couldn’t complete due to COVID 🙁 ] 8th Grade

More about Me

I care deeply about the people around me as well as what goes on. I strive to create a positive environment and allow others to succeed and feel supported, and also encourage them to keep going even when there are obstacles. That goal has only increased since the rise of COVID and quarantine. I’ve always enjoyed lending a hand to other people in and out of school as best as possible, and even lead them to solutions and accomplishments. After participating in leadership at my middle school, I knew I wanted to continue doing so in high school. In the time I’ve participated in leadership at Armijo, I’ve made friends and connections with fellow freshmen, and upperclassmen, too, and learned a lot from all of them (and Towner, course). I want to create opportunities for other students outside of leadership to develop??/ If it weren’t for leadership, I wouldn’t be motivated to wake up (and I mean that in the most literal way possible) and aim for excellence and positive change. 

As One of Your Freshman Class Officers 

Quarantine and distance learning both have had a tremendous impact on all of us, as students and outside of school, and the same goes for teachers. I understand that there are freshmen who are having a difficult time adjusting to distance learning at a whole new school. I am lucky enough to have the support and everything I need for distance learning as a freshman, but I know that is not the case for other students. 

School-wise, sometimes it’s difficult to have the motivation to get up and do your school work and learn, which is completely understandable; we’ve all been there. As one of the freshmen class officers, and a leadership student now, I will do my best to create opportunities for the freshmen and all students, in general, to allow them to succeed, make connections with their other peers, and also have a great high school experience. 


Greater Communication

Platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have been extremely effective when relaying information about events and certain deadlines, especially during these distanced times; though there are some students who don’t have a social media account. In addition to the social media platforms and emails that are sent out, I’d like to propose a Remind or a Google Chat room for each class, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior, so each student would be able to have reminders and they would also directly be able to ask questions for clarifications as well. The only thing that would be required would be their Gmail account, which every student already has.

Class Budget

Budgeting and money play a huge role when it comes to events, extracurriculars, etc. because without it we can’t hold them properly or even have them (I know we aren’t at school at the moment, but those two things are still important). In my experience, it takes a long time to figure out what you need, how much of it you need, how much that costs for an event and also organize everything into place. Luckily (with the help of past committee members, not just me), we’ve overcome challenges and came up with solid financial solutions to what we were trying to accomplish, and I will use those experiences for the future. For any means necessary, there will be a way for each student to voice their ideas on what they want and for the class officers to be able to cater to their needs in any way, including financially.  

Closer Connections

I have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of amazing freshmen as well as upperclassmen through leadership and the events they have put on. I would like to create more opportunities for other students (freshmen especially) to be able to do the same, now and for when we return to in-person learning eventually. An idea I’d like to propose are club-like chat rooms based on certain interests that people have where they can discuss them and connect with each other; the idea could also apply for certain clubs for those who cannot attend club meetings.

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