Editorial: The importance of identities


Image by u_m5d2lywo from Pixabay

Don’t let anyone tell you who you can and cannot be! Just be yourself.

Melissa Theodorus, Editor-in-Chief

What is the importance of one’s identity? Identities are what make you the person you are. Your identity can be anything you want it to be. Some compare identity with their basic values that dictate the choices they make. Some may consider their identity to involve their gender or their culture, their faith or their memories, or even their personality or interests. Society may try to label people, but that leads to stereotypes and cliques.
Those who are confused about their identity are sometimes led astray by outside influences, such as drugs or alcohol, peer pressure or acceptance.
It is important to understand that identity is always changing and is never “final.” It is common for one’s identity to continuously develop throughout their lifespan.
Psychologists believe that finding one’s identity can lead to a better and happier life, because knowing one’s identity accurately can increase self-esteem and possibly reduce depression and anxiety.
Our society is more open than in the past, but there are still those who are trying to limit another person’s perceived identity. Making others change to fit a specific mold creates oppression and limits creativity and diversity.
As we are all growing up and having our “coming of age” moment, we are finding out our true selves and creating our own unique identity. Think about what makes you the unique person you are. There are many articles and stories for you to read on The Armijo Signal to help you understand identity a little better.

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