Cheer for College Colors Day

September 4


Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

A sea of team colors shows a strong fan base for college sports.

Aldo Suarez Cordova, Staff writer

In 2004  the very first College Colors Day took place, encouraging students from schools of all sizes to show off their colors. It is traditionally held on the Friday before Labor Day, which means that this year it falls on September 4.

The reason that College Colors Day exists is because a massive licensing company called Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) decided to create a special day as a way for students, families, parents, and fans of college football to showcase the colors from their favorite teams, creating a way to sell additional merchandise to the fans.

Fans of college football have a lot of ways to try to get their favorite teams to win, whether it is wearing their team colors, or singing along to the school song. Cheering in the stands or in their living room, wherever they are watching a college football game, they can enjoy themselves. Many people that celebrate College Colors Day say that it brings back memories, and it keeps the tradition alive as well.

Colleges have certain colors as a way to represent their uniforms and other forms of identification as they compete in sports and other contests.  Common college colors include orange, purple, blue, red, white and green. These colors are occasionally paired together, especially in combinations like orange and blue, red and white, or blue and yellow. Some colleges have more specific colors, like Harvard’s famous crimson.

Anyone can participate in College Colors Day. The excitement of college football can be enhanced by adding some activities, especially on College Colors Day:

  • Take a #famphoto, #selfie, or #squadphoto to show off your college spirit:

Nothing says “Go Team” like taking a selfie with your squad showing off your favorite team colors.

  • Attend of watch your favorite college football game:

Celebrating the best college way possible. Go on campus and watch your favorite team playing football, and watching with friends makes it even better.

  • Organize a night out with your fellow fans:

Not only is college a place for sports, traditions, and fun, it is also a place to make long lasting friendships, so organize a get together with people who share your passion for that one college team.

National College Colors Day is such a big deal because people wear their favorite colors, they throw parties, they watch college football, they tell stories and they have a good time, and people do it all over the world and it keeps the tradition alive. Gear up and show off your favorite team colors and make this the year that you remember your favorite college team.

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