Editing is more than fun and games


Alaila remembers the days before COVID-19, when editing was easier.

My name is Alaila Morris and I’m a junior, about to be a senior.

As a freshman, I joined the Journalism I class, not knowing what to expect or if I was going to enjoy writing for a whole period, but I ended up loving it!

My sophomore year, journalism was not offered as a class, but in my junior year I returned because, during my first year, I also discovered I’m good at writing.

Being in Journalism makes it so easy to write essays in any other classes on any topic, it benefits me by making my writing skills better. And now that I’m in the Journalism II class, I am serving as the Sports editor. I get to edit the sports stories and place them onto The Armijo Signal so you can read all about them. Sports is my favorite topic to write about; the people I interview that play a sport are so interesting.

For anyone interested in joining Journalism, I highly recommend it, especially if you love writing.

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