Diana brings us Entertainment


Diana shares what's good in the Entertainment section.

Diana Villalobos, Entertainment editor

I first joined journalism during my freshman year just because I wanted to try something new in my first year of high school. I’m now a junior and I’m in Journalism II. Now, besides just being one of the writers in the class, I’m also one of the editors.

I’ve lived in Fairfield pretty much my whole life, although I was born in Davis. Even before COVID-19 forced us all indoors, I didn’t really do a lot because I feel like there wasn’t much to do around here, so I have a lot of free time. During my free time, I usually like to go to my room and listen to music or read just because it calms me down and sometimes helps me be a little stress-free.

Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do, ever since I was in the third grade, so I feel like that is what made me want to get into journalism. Even though I knew it would include more writing, I really didn’t mind.  I’m honestly glad I was able to be back in journalism because I know more now than I did in my freshman year and I still keep on learning more and more every day.

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