First year editor finds growth in journalsim

First year editor finds growth in journalsim

Kayla Rhodes, People editor

Hi, my name is Kayla Rhodes. I began my journalism experience in my freshman year, but this is only my second year participating. I’m a junior right now and I serve as the editor of the People section.

Being a first year editor can be a challenge, sometimes, having to edit people stories and trying to have them up before they go live on the website, but I have gotten the hang of it. At the end of the day, I enjoy doing it because I’m learning new things over time, like how to be a better writer. In addition to editing the stories and putting them on the website, I also write my own stories for the Armijo Signal.

Doing journalism helps me become a better writer, which helps now with other classwork and in the future when I need to communicate for work. When I get older, I want to go to college and study business and my experience in journalism will help me express myself.

I am also a cheerleader at Armijo and I am part of Leadership. I spend a lot of my time in school because I don’t really do anything besides cheer, Leadership and Journalism. My advice to people who would want to do journalism next year is to go ahead and do it because it can help you a lot in the future, like it has helped me.

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