Club Focus: Stitchers

Viridiana White, Staff writer

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The Stitchers’ Club is a crochet club where students can learn how to crochet and create crafts with yarn. They teach different techniques for creating crochet projects.

The creator of the Stitchers’ Club started it to teach others a skill that is practical but isn’t very common in modern times.

Rachel Brown said, “I joined the Stitchers’ Club when I was a sophomore because I wanted to learn something new.” Now Brown is a senior and is the captain of the club.

Ariel Brown joined the Stitchers’ Club because her sister Rachel did.

Every year, the Stitchers’ Club crochet hats to donate to the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Northbay Hospital.

Anyone can join the Stitchers’ Club, just by showing up to a Tuesday lunchtime meeting in D-7. Ms. Kimberly Carter is the adviser.

Rachel and Ariel Brown said that new members are always welcome, experienced or not. For International Baccalaureate (IB) students, it is also a great source for CAS hours, and doing community service like creating things for the NICU can help with college applications.

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