Senior Spotlight: Aidan Salvini



Aidan takes a close look at his future and he likes what he sees.

When Aidan Salvini was a junior, he was involved in Glee Club for about a week before the stresses of the year took over. He still enjoys writing music, specifically rap music. “I like the more lyrical rap and rap that makes you feel something,” he said.

His favorite class at Armijo has been Theatre because it is his favorite thing to learn in school, but when he leaves high school, he plans to go into Job Corp to learn a skill that he can use in the future. “I would like there to be different subjects that are mandatory, rather than some of them that currently are, such as math and science. “I understand why some of it may be important, but you could have those as electives,” Salvini said. “I feel like we need school to teach more about things that would be important outside of school.”

Looking at his future meant looking at his past, too. “My favorite memory from Armijo was me and my friends were walking by the welding room during a rainy day and there was one spot on the roof where the water would pile up and pour down. We would call it the Armijo Waterfall. We also called that whole open area in front of the library the Armijo Lake when it rained because it would all pile up and not sink down for days,” he said. “I’m pretty sure these were both fixed. I’m going to miss the fun me and my friends had making up names for these things.”

Since Salvini started his career at Armijo as a freshman, he remembers what it could be like for a new student. He said, “The advice I would give a new student would be to not be too scared to ask questions if you need help and keep on track with your work. Don’t fall behind!”

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