Events editor shares her joy

As a sophomore, Luna is already a leader on The Armijo Signal staff.

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As a sophomore, Luna is already a leader on The Armijo Signal staff.

Luna Bella Peralta, Events Editor

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I joined the Armijo Signal in my freshmen year to explore my love for writing. At the time, I was interested in journalism and different types of writing. I was surprised how easy it was to join and I started to write right away.

I still remember the first articles I wrote for the Signal. It was a great feeling to finish article and see your name besides it online. Finishing an article made me so accomplished and I enjoyed continuing to write for the Signal.

At the end of my freshman year, I was amazed when I was offered an editor position. I was excited to be even more involved in the publication of the Armijo Signal.

As the Events editor, it’s so interesting to see the process of the Signal. I can see all the hard work and time it takes just to get several articles ready. The extra responsibility as editor has made me respect the work even more and made me feel more accomplished.

If you’re interested in Journalism or just have some free time and enjoy writing, I definitely recommend joining the Armijo Signal. Just send an email to [email protected] or stop by G-10 and speak directly to the adviser, Ms. Lynne Herring.

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