Club Focus: Around the World

Fernando Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Some students are all about earning money, to spend on themselves or their friends or family, but the Around the World Club gives students a chance to collect money and share it with those far less fortunate.

Every Monday in E-5, the club members meet together at lunch to discuss what worthwhile organizations they want to collect and donate money to, choosing a different organization each month. In October, for instance, they may donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation because this month is Breast Cancer awareness month. If the club agrees, the members may choose to donate to a group more than once. Sometimes, they collect additional money to donate to organizations like the American Red Cross to help in times of natural disasters.

While some of the money is collected within the club itself, they periodically reach out to students and staff for donations.

Anyone with a giving heart can join the club. For more information, visit Ms. Plecenik in E5.

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