ASB Spotlight: Leading the student body to a successful future


Adamari Delgado

Nathan is prepared to lead the students to a memorable year.

Adamari Delgado, Senior Editor

Armijo High School (AHS) is full of great school spirit, extraordinary staff members, and bright students. One of many who create this outstanding environment is Associated Student Body (ASB) President Nathan Klassen.

Klassen is a senior at AHS  who is planning on making a change throughout his senior year. “Due to the fact that I have been contributing with the leadership program for the past years, I chose to be ASB president so that I can portray a bigger role on spreading school spirit within this campus,” he said.

Not only has our president made an impact through the leadership program, he has as well contributed with the annual Special Ed Basketball game. “As ASB president, I really hope to make many differences, as this will be my last year with Armijo High,” said Klassen. “One of my biggest and most important goals that I want to accomplish is to keep the school spirit alive. I want to make everyone feel like they are involved and have a place in this school!”

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