Fashion Review: Let the dress code guide you

Carefully chosen accessories can make a few simple pieces uniquely yours.

Carefully chosen accessories can make a few simple pieces uniquely yours.

Tahtiana Foster, Staff writer

Being in high school sometimes limits you from showing your full fashion sense, but there are many ways to work around dress code rules and still accent your personal looks, with different colors, accessories, shoes and more.

Most styles these days feature a casual, chill, or classy look, especially when it comes to the girls’ new “trendy” style. Teens can adapt their wardrobe to fit school dress codes without too much effort. Girls usually go for a classy look by incorporating  dresses, skirts, casual tank top, leggings, and many popular trends into their outfits. The trick is to not share too much skin and not to expose body parts that would be inappropriate in a school setting.

Boys tend to lean toward the more chill look by wearing mainly jackets and impressive sneakers throughout the school year, focusing on the top and the bottom, but keeping the sagging to a minimum.

When it comes to having that “trendy” look, a lot of things, even just adding an accessory or piece of jewelry, can make an outfit look 10 times better, giving that look you notice all over social media to which everyone aspires.

Naturally, different students have different styles. “I like to wear many different colors and make my shoes match my outfit,” said one Armijo student. Kalea Sanders said, “I’d look at the perfect trendy fall outfit as some UGG boots, leggings, and a long sleeve,” styles that will have to wait until the crisp weather creeps in.

There are many ways to create your style, and it does not always start with clothes. ”I think about how I want to style my hair first,” said another student, “which helps me to create my outfit.”

The “trendy” look may change from time to time, but it always comes from incorporating the most popular colors, different hairstyles, jewelry, and a variety of shoes, and even something simple can become “trendy” in its own way.

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