Editorial: School’s Out, Now Summer?


"Sunset in the Ocean" by Steve_Tango is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Summer for some students is simply a break; for others it is a totally new start.

Isabella Roxas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the school year comes to a close, we should take time to reflect on our successes. Whether it’s an academic, athletic, or personal success, it is a reflection of the growth we have experienced throughout this time.

Freshmen? Was high school everything you expected?

Seniors? Are you excited for what the future holds for you?

Now that the school year is close to over, it’s time to change our priorities to summer vacation. Below is a list of options to think about when taking a well-needed break from assignments, homework, and projects in school. Having a successful summer means using your time wisely.

  • Plan a Vacation

Give your brain a break by planning a trip with your family or friends to somewhere out of Fairfield. If you have the cash, take a trip to a place you haven’t been before: a day at the Santa Cruz Beach or an evening in Paris? The world is so big and summer is the time to explore. My friends and I scheduled a week trip to Disneyland. Take note: moving schedules around can be tricky. Try using a spreadsheet and a calendar to organize free days with your friends.

2) Get a Job!

Summer can be a great time to start working. In the summer, stores, restaurants, and event venues are packed with guests. Companies will need assistance to have a successful summer.

3) Take College Courses

This is more for seniors; this can be a great opportunity to earn some college credit before school actually starts. If you choose to utilize this strategy, you can spare a lot of time in college for more extracurriculars and time with friends

4) Take some time for yourself

This is YOUR summer. Make this vacation a time for you to rebuild mental health and self-care. Activities can range from taking a warm bath to exercising every week, whatever makes you the best version of yourself

With these options in mind, I encourage you to plan the most successful summer for you!

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