January Editorial: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

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January Editorial: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Royce Guo, Co-Editor-in-Chief / School News editor

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What inspires you to act? Is it injustice, curiosity, or even simply a gut feeling?

On Monday, January 21st, the nation honors those who act in favor for a world of equality on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. While the holiday may simply seem like an excuse to stay home from school, it represents the culmination of decades of social activism— and the future we aspire to create. In 1994, Congress passed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as “day on, not a day off.” The day calls for unification from all of America to fulfill King’s vision of a “Beloved Community.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was endorsed in 1976, eight years after the activist’s death. While the holiday is commonplace today, it has encountered years of setbacks and rejections before finally being signed into law by President Regan. In addition, it was only until the year 2000 when every state of the nation finally observed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. in 2019, in the year of the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination, countless organizations will partake in free admissions to parades and parks and volunteer opportunities. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an opportunity to empower your community and break down barriers.

As King said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?” This month is an opportunity to reflect on our country’s greatest challenges— and how communities solve them together. It marks an opportunity to come together for an ultimate cause and to reflect on our nation’s history of activism and unrelenting persistence.

If you are interested in Martin Luther King, Jr. Day service events, more information can be found at the following website: https://www.nationalservice.gov/serve/search#q=mlk%20day%20of%20service

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