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Mayra Sencion-Guttierez

Mayra Sencion-Guttierez, Staff writer

Mayra Sencion-Guttierez is was born on April 30, 2003. Her parents were born and raised in Mexico but she was born in Fairfield. She attended Bransford Elementary , Fairview Elementary, Crystal Middle School, and now goes to Armijo High School.

Mayra babysits her two little cousins and tutors them as well. She loves kids, so she takes any chance she can to be with them, but she currently has a job besides babysitting and tutoring. She has been working at a restaurant for about a year.

After high school, Mayra is planning to attend Blake Austin College to become an esthetician. She’s been into skin care for a long time, but the interest was emphasized when she suddenly got bad acne and wanted to help herself and others get their skin to look amazing.

Her main hobbies are cheerleading, drawing, cooking. This is her first year of cheer and she has a true love for it, so she practices whenever she can. Ever since she was little she loved to draw so she always experiments. She likes to look over her mother's recipes and see how good they can taste.

Mayra is family-oriented. Her family has always been super close and, while she claims her life is boring, people tend to think otherwise.

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Mayra Sencion-Guttierez