CD Flashback: Drake debuts

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Shortly after Drake’s mix tape was released as a seven-song extended play titled So Far Gone in September 2009, his first solo album, Thank Me Later was released on June 15, 2010. It debuted at #1, according to Billboard, with 447,000 sales the first week, the most of any debut to that day.

Drake is a Canadian born actor/rapper who signed with the label Young Money Entertainment, but he is nearing the end of that contract a decade later. Thank Me Later has 14 songs with all different types of lyrics ranging from money to women. There are several hit singles on the album, like Find Your Love and Over.

“I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes hip hop or wants to try a new artist,” said Tyrell Turner, who reviewed the album for The Armijo Signal in September 2010. “The only negative thing I found about the CD is that all the beats sound similar, with the exception of Over and Fireworks. Other than that, this CD is worth listening to.”

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