Two Boys, One Girl and a Full House

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Sometimes, it is a good thing to share the campus with brothers and sister. “I’m able to talk to them about classes,” said Diego Magana.

This seems to be a common theme. His sister Fatima said sharing the campus “provides me comfort that I have some people to talk to.” It’s not just being on campus where there are benefits. At home, she said that her brothers help her whenever she is stuck on my homework.

“I can talk to them and ask them about homework and stuff,” said brother Gabriel.

The three spend some time together at school and some people know that they are related. The boys actually share a class together.

Armijo isn’t the first place that they shared a campus. It started at E. Ruth Sheldon Academy and they all believed that they will most likely attend the same college. They plan to attend the same college as their older brother, Rodolfo Jr., but what each of them will study has not been decided.

The brothers both have a similar interest in video games, but Fatima was a little more open with her interests. “My favorite hobby is drawing. The places I’m interested in visiting are Canada, Japan, and New York. I listen to a variety of types of music but I mostly prefer Pop, Rock, Electronic, Gaming and Indie music,” she said. “I also like a variety of movies but I mostly prefer action, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and comedy movies.”

Although she has been more vocal with her responses, Fatima believes that her brothers would probably see her as lazy “because, to be honest, that’s how I am at my home,” she said.ID Photo

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