Community Holiday Preview


Community Holiday, give the gift of giving.

Leila Harper, Beyond the Gates Editor

This year, Armijo is holding its fifth Community Holiday! Community Holiday is an event where students can volunteer to buy a present for a child that comes from a low-income family. Leadership students have picked cards that has a child’s name and what they want for Christmas. The cards came from a man named Bob Dellarosby, who works for Teens Helping Teens, an organization dedicated to helping kids in need of food, clothes, or even counseling.

Often, when there are an abundance of cards, Leadership will reach out to clubs and teachers to help out, but this year there were only 220 cards to choose from. Students chose a child to buy a gift for and then they had 2-3 weeks to buy it. Before the event really starts, everyone brings their gifts to the Leadership room, and then they all wrap the presents, together.

The actual event, which is on December 14 and takes place in the gym from 6pm to 8pm, is when the children come and unwrap their gifts. Leadership will have games set up, food, and even the big man himself: Santa Claus. “We basically throw them a little Christmas, because their families can’t afford them,” said Zoey Arnold from Leadership.


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