Sibling Spotlight

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Luis Ruiz Castaneda has two brothers that he shares the Armijo campus with, but it’s a big campus and he’s glad that he doesn’t have to see them. Because they have different last names, most people don’t even know they are related.

Luis went to Dan O. Root Elementary School and Crystal Middle School with his brother, Santiago Ruiz and, while he thinks they might end up at the same college, Santiago disagreed. At least, he doesn’t plan on sharing another campus with his brother. “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said.

Luis was a little more focused on his future. “After graduation I want to focus on being an engineer,” he said. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, watching action movies and hanging out at home. Both Luis and Santiago like playing video games. For Santiago, the go-to game is Fortnite, but Luis is more likely to reach for BO4.

As freshmen, Santiago and Luis are still fairly new to Armijo, and their older brother Christopher Vasquez Ortiz is probably grateful that he will leave them behind to navigate the campus when he graduates in June. He was unavailable for comment.


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