The End of the Semester Is Here!

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The End of the Semester Is Here!

TSgt Kehaulani Patenio, ROTC Public Affairs Officer

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~First, we want everybody to wish everyone of Paradise, California a safe, hopeful, and
peaceful return to their loved ones.~

With only a week left in the semester, it is important to know that grades are critical at
this time, so, be sure to make it on time to all your classes, keep up with all of your classwork
and homework, and don’t give up on school. Hopefully, your December goes as well as ours.

Last month, we were supposed to participate in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade,
although, due to the fires and unsafe smoke pollution in the air, the whole parade was canceled.
Because of this cancellation, we lost the opportunity to complete over 300 hours of community
service. In order to regain these hours, we’ll be doing new community events. We are also
awaiting word on whether the parade will be rescheduled; if so, we will be honored to participate
in it!

As December began, so did the beginning of the end of the semester and the 2018 year.
To conclude this semester, students will be taking part in finals on December 18 and 19. Be sure
not to be absent or late to your classes during this time! The two days of finals also mark the last
days of the semester before Winter Break begins. Students, please study and prepare for this
time. It may be hard, but we ALL got this. All you have to do is:
1. Make it to class on time every day
2. Study anything and everything you can
3. If you need help with anything, now’s the time to ask.

Now, good luck to you all! And have a safe and joyous Holiday! See you in 2019!

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