Alphabetically, Zoe Angel has it all, from Z to A

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She doesn’t know much about her last name, but she does know that it was passed down from her paternal grandfather. “I heard he’s from Louisiana and he’s Creole and French,” she said. When people hear her last name, they often do a double-take. “They say, ‘Really? That’s your last name?” she said.

Her brother graduated in 2017, one of two students who had the last name Angel, but this year, Zoe is the only one on campus. And Zoe hasn’t met anyone outside of school that shares her last name, either. At least, not anyone that she is not related to. She’s one of two students named Zoe, however.

If she could change her name, she would go by Summer Nicole Angel. “My parents originally were going to name me that,” she said.

Angel is involved in basketball at Armijo and has dreams of eventually attending and graduating from Harvard Law.


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