Gifts for Your Favorite People, Your Parents

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Gifts for Your Favorite People, Your Parents

Aziza Yousef (PSA), Staff Writer

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Our parents do so much for us all year long, and during certain times of the year, we have an opportunity to give back. However, we don’t always know what to give them, which can create issues with the whole “giving back” part of it. Due to this issue, we’ve created a small list of gift ideas that you can get within the Bay Area or purchase online.

#1: Herschel Supply Co. Amenity Kit ($29.99)
Sold by Herschel, this amenity kit makes an astonishingly great gift for any parent. It comes with a neck pillow, ear plugs, a sleeping mask and more, perfect for any time they want to chill and relax.

#2: Tassel Crossbody Bag ($12.85)
In Amazon, you can find a ton of deals when it comes to gifts for mom. However, at a great price and a rating of 4.5 stars, this crossbody bag could make a wonderful gift for your mom.

#3: Monogram Agate Coaster ($12.80)
It doesn’t matter whether they use it for coffee, tea, or just as decor, your parent will adore this chic coaster. You can purchase it online or in-store at multiple locations in the bay area. However, no matter where you get it, your parents will truly appreciate it.

#4: Custom Leather Keychain ($7.95)
Even though this gift may seem simple, you can customize this keychain from Amazon to mean something more. At a great price, it is a perfect gift for mom or dad, and your wallet won’t suffer too much either.

#5: heyday™ Square Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($29.99)
This, or any other speaker, would be a great present for any of your parents. You could easily buy this from Target or BestBuy, and nowadays, having one is a good investment.

#6: Bath & Body Works
Any item or product from this store makes an excellent gift. Bath & Body Works offers many products for men and women, so you have many choices when deciding on a gift. Whether it be an amazingly scented candle or a moisturizing lotion, you can head to the outlets in Vacaville where they offer many sales and deals for this

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