Question: What Is One Thing You Want to Start Over in 2019?

Joel Bejarano Alanis, Interviewer / Photographer

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  • Freshman Isaiah Henderson Atkins: "Work on my grades."

  • Freshman Emily McIntyre: "I would like to start over on school projects that I haven't gotten to do this year."

  • Sophomore Marvin Olandag: "A new school year, a fun school year."

  • Sophomore Sara Lodin: "I would like to start over with family, friends and relationships, because our bond isn't as strong and I think we need a refresher."

  • Junior Jaime Rodriguez Ramirez: "More connection with people, because I've felt like I've lost a lot of people."

  • Junior Nhi Mai Nguyen: "My routine, because of the way I am protective now is not the same as before."

  • Senior Gagandeep Jawanda: "Make new friends."

  • "Senior Rosalinda Cruz: "I would restart school."

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