Whose Punchline Is It Anyway?

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Whose Punchline Is It Anyway?

Leila Harper, Beyond the Gates Editor

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The first Improv Show of the year is on November 8, from 7 pm in T-2. The shows usually last about two hours, with a 10 minute intermission. There is a general admission of $3. The concessions (chips, candy, water, etc.) are $1 each.

Improv is the phenomenon of acting without a script. Improv is somewhat more challenging than regular acting because performers have to think of everything on the fly, and, more importantly, make it discernible by the audience—and funny.

Armijo’s Improv Team plays an abundance of improv games. Some of the classics they’ll be performing are “New Choice” and “Dating Game.” They are also trying to bring some new games to the table for the upcoming improv shows.

No improv games could be complete without audience suggestions. Theatre adviser Ms. Sheena Beeson’s advice to anyone who wants to come to the show: “Audience members should come prepared to be creative and give suggestions.”

The Improv Teams are chosen at the beginning of every school year. Students start by doing improv workshops for one or two hours a week after school. “It’s sort of like conditioning for a sport,” Ms. Beeson said. “Anyone can come, and we play games and we work on improv skills. And then at the end of all those workshops, we have tryouts. We had tryouts at the very beginning of September. And that’s how we get out team.”

If you have any interest in the Improv Show on November 8, save up $3 (maybe $5, taking in snacks), and go to T-2. Start off November by clutching a stitch in your sides. Take a night off to let loose and laugh!


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