In This Class: Air Force ROTC

Leila Harper, Beyond the Gates Editor

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ROTC, or Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Force, is an elective class that is taught by Sergeant Santa and Colonel Bruce. It teaches students about the US military, leadership, life skills, physical training, as well as aerospace science (this year). On Mondays, Sergeant Santa teaches drill and students wear their provided uniforms. On Tuesdays, she teaches about leadership. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Colonel Bruce teaches aerospace science, which includes space, astronomy, and science.

ROTC classes often participate in special events (parades and marches) of the school and state. On October 13, the students took part in Suisun City’s 150th Anniversary parade. Color Guard often performs for football games, and even this year’s Homecoming. The class also does community service cleanups in the area. They often do Coastal Cleanups, but this year they are in charge of cleaning up Floral Creek. It all depends on what comes up, but their goal is to complete 1200 hours of community service.

As well with parades, marches, and community service, ROTC classes also go on annual field trips. Last year, they visited the USS Hornet Museum, and this year, because of the curriculum revolving around aerospace science, the teachers are throwing around the idea of going to a planetarium.

Students, or cadets, can join ROTC any year of high school. For every year a student is in ROTC, they increase a level, going from AS1 to AS4. Keep in mind that grade level does not matter; even a junior can join ROTC for the first year and be an AS1 cadet. The Air Force uniforms are required, but are provided to cadets, as are the PT (physical training) clothes. The class is said to be straightforward, as all work is done in-class, and Sergeant Santa doesn’t give homework. In addition, the classes compete in team challenges against one another. “For me it’s like you guys have enough working in other classes if we can do everything, at least in my classes, you don’t have to worry about it.” said Sergeant Santa, “You have to literally try to fail.”

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