Athlete Focus: Twin Sisters Compete on a Top Level

Melissa Theodorus, Staff Writer

ID Photo
Flora is driven to do her best, thanks to her sister.
ID Photo
Faustina and her sister motivate each other to be their best on the tennis court.

Faustina and Flora Wan are twin sisters on the Armijo Girls’ tennis team and rank as the #2 and #3 players on the single’s team. Although they are only freshmen, they both qualified for the varsity team, coming in at the top. Only senior Laura Wadsworth is considered a more advanced player at #1.

Faustina, who is slightly older than her sister, said that it’s pretty fun playing as #2. She gets to play against better opponents and it’s more challenging.

Flora, on the other hand, is just as pleased with having the #3 position. “It’s nice and fun and a little bit better than # 4 because you can play with opponents who are better,” she said.

The Wan sisters said that playing against each other has really helped improve their game. They’ve been playing seriously for three years and currently play in a tennis academy at Solano Community College. They played every day during the summer and now play after school. The two are undefeated members of the Armijo tennis team. “We’re both pretty good and it’s nice to have someone to hit balls with,” said Flora. “We can help each other improve since we know each other’s weaknesses.”

Even in tournaments, the sister rivalry is there. Faustina said, “The most memorable moment was probably when I played  my first UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) . I felt pretty accomplished because I won my first tournament..”  She was upset that Flora got a big trophy, even though Flora denied this. “It wasn’t that big,” she said.

They are looking to playing tennis in college and maybe even beyond.  Faustina’s favorite tennis player is Serena Williams and Flora’s is Roger Federer.

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