Dance Update – Solve the Mystery, Make the Match

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In your 3rd period class, students will be given a mystery handout. It will have either a question mark or a magnifying glass on it with a number. Your goal is to search campus and social media for your match.
If you and your match come to the fire road by the Indian Outpost, we will have a prize for you.
Also, if you look closely, this is also an advertisement for our Homecoming dance! Tickets are on sale now at the Treasurer’s office.
$15 – Regular Price
$10 – If you have an ASB gold card
Here is how you can get to the dance:
Step 1: Get a dance form from AG-5 (Mr. B) or the Treasurer’s Office
Step 2: Have you and your parent sign the form
Step 3: Turn the signed form into the counseling office desk (main desk in counseling) for a “behavior background check”
*We will not check grades
*We will not check attendance
*We will not check fines/missing books
Step 4: Pick up the form later that day or the next day (Check takes 1-2 hours)
Step 5: Buy your ticket from the treasurer. (Cash, Check, Credit/Debit)
Frequently asked questions:
Can I bring someone from another school?
Yes, there is a special bid/form for that. They must be in high school and get their admin to sign and approve.
*You will need to buy both tickets at the same time.
**Only 1 guest per Armijo Student
What happens if my bid is “denied”?
Make an appoint to see an administrator to further discuss the matter.
What’s at the dance?
– We’ve hired an awesome entertainment company – Pegleg Entertainment – as our NEW DJ
– A Photo both that will be FREE all night for you and your friends
– Refreshments and snacks
– A good time!
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