All in a name: Peace and Quiet

Tranquility has a name that evokes peace and quiet.

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Tranquility has a name that evokes peace and quiet.

Aimee Jaggars, Staff writer

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What’s in a name that makes it so unique, so genuine, and so interesting? People are given names by their parents for a purpose. For some, it is because the name is something that reminds them of another family member or a friend. For others, it is because the name is considered pretty or appropriate.

For Tranquility Rose Hughes, her unique name was chosen because it is beautiful. She said that her mom named her this poetic name because she needed more tranquility in her life. Her mother had experienced a rough childhood and struggled with being a teenager and a sweet daughter with a sweet name helped her get over that discomfort.

“I haven’t heard of anyone with my name,” said Hughes. She likes her name and would never change it. Her name wasn’t even tracked on until 2014 when it ranked as the 18,331 most popular name for girls.

Hughes likes to stand out and said that she hopes to be part of the Armijo swim team in the spring. Her goals after high school are to attend college and eventually work, although she hasn’t decided what her future career – or her future college – will be.


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