In This Class: Economics

Learn to manage and budget!

Learn to manage and budget!

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Except for students on the International Baccalaureate (IB) track, all seniors will take a semester of Government and a semester of Economics. Many of those classes used to be taught by Ms. Faralee Wright and Mr. Lee Inserto, but both of those teachers retired last year. Now the classes are taught by Ms. Jenny Uhalde, Ms. Oneda Edmonds, Mr. Andrew Tkach and Mr. Joe Klapper.

In Economics, students learn about how choices affect future choices.  They learn that we don’t have an unlimited supply of resources and have to make tough choices regarding what we make, buy, sell, etc.  They will learn about supply and demand and how that dictates prices of goods,” said Mr. KlapperThey’ll learn how to balance a budget and how finance works. 

Right now the seniors are learning basic economic concepts and, in the future, they will look at how government influences prices.

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