Far from Home: Safe at home

Jaime Rodriguez Ramirez, Staff writer

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Because of the violence and killings in Managua, Nicaragua, Samuel Larios and his sister Marcela were sent to live in the United States. He’s only been here for two months, but he said that he is enjoying it, although he does miss his friends and family. Larios also misses is old schools, the nice neighborhoods, and even being in
a volleyball team.

When he first arrived, he set his goal to graduate and make his family in Nicaragua proud. When he first started at Armijo, he realized that it was really different from schools in Nicaragua. One thing that is different is that, in Nicaragua, the students had to wait for the teachers who moved from room to room.

In the future, Larios plans to study architecture, but he is not really sure where. As a sophomore he does have time to make those decisions.

Larios’s favorite hobbies are drawing and watching TV shows. His favorite show at the moment is “The Walking Dead.” Another thing he likes about America is visiting amusement parks, such as Six Flags. In Nicaragua, there aren’t any amusement parks. Overall, Larios likes to have fun and living in the safety of America makes that so much easier.