Grad Nite Provides Lots of Opportunities for Fun and Farewells

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Can I still buy a Grad Nite Ticket?

Absolutely! They are on sale now every Tuesday at the library. The cost is currently $75


What is Grad Nite?

Grad Nite is from 9 pm on June 8 until 5 am on June 9.


It is held in the south end of campus. There will be carnival games and a lot more in the big gym, including a hypnotist show from 3 – 4:30 am in the big gym. Some graduates will be hypnotized and tricked into doing some amazingly funny and dumb stuff!! Activities will be taking place beyond the big gym, too. There will be a casino in the small gym, a DJ and Karaoke / Dance Party in the cafeteria, and a rock wall, inflatables, and more in the cafeteria quad. Throughout the night, there will also be photo booths, charactures and more.


Price includes food and drinks all night!


Graduates  will receive raffle tickets and special Armijo money that can be used  for prizes all night. There are over $8,000 in prizes and money given away that night!


There are a lot more questions and info that will be discussed at Graduation Practice #1. Those who need info before, come see Mr. Brad Burzynski, leadership teacher and senior adviser, in AG-5.

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