May 2018: All in a Name | In the Beginning

Diana Villalobos Barajas, Staff Writer

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The Bible says that the first man’s name was Adam. At Armijo, there are three students who share that name. Since they don’t know each other, they are all #1 among their friends. Adam Quan said that meeting the others who share his name “would be cool.”

Quan and Adam Rigg were each named by their mothers. “My mom liked the name Adam so she just decided to name me Adam,” Quan said. Adam Lucero’s name was chosen because of its Biblical background.

Both Quan and Lucero said that, if they could change their names they would want the same name as their dad or something that goes along with their last name. “I would change my name to Edward Adam Lucero because it’s my dad’s name and my middle name so I would just switch it around,” he said.

While there are three Adams at Armijo, there are no students named Eve. That might be a bit too convenient.

Adam Quan is ready for action. (Photo by Ryan Dix)

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May 2018: All in a Name | In the Beginning