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Photo taken by Taylor Newton.

Photo taken by Taylor Newton.

Photo taken by Taylor Newton.

Diana Villalobos, Staff Writer

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They were together at Crescent Elementary School and Ramanjot followed her sister Bajinder through Crystal Middle School. While this is the only year that sisters Bajinder and Ramanjot will spend together at Armijo, the two are closer than ever.

“My sister and I can always relate because we grew up together,” said Bajinder, who said that she thinks her younger sister is the favorite child because she gets what she wants. Ramanjot isn’t the youngest, though, but is, instead the middle child.

The love goes both ways, though. “My sister is really caring and helps a lot,” said Ramanjot.

All of that togetherness, though, can have a negative impact as well. “She gets along with other people and will talk to them and ignore me,” said Bajinder.

The girls have enjoyed going to school together this year and they still do things together at home. “We mostly watch a lot of TV shows together and talk about what’s going on in our lives,” said Bajinder.

“Sometimes we argue, but we get over it quickly and get back on good terms,” said Ramanjot. “Most of the time we get along quite well.” They make each other laugh and they tell each other mostly everything.

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April 2018: Sibling Spotlight | Bookends