April 2018: At Work | Rhyme Time

Picture taken by Taylor Newton

Picture taken by Taylor Newton

Picture taken by Taylor Newton

Fatima Mendoza, Staff Writer

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For about a year, Jasmin Lara Lopez has been working at Wetzel’s Pretzels, a snack shop located in the Solano Mall. “I really enjoy working there,” she said. “It’s a nice working experience. I’ve made a lot of new friends.” Lara Lopez said that those friends have been nothing but nice to her. “It’s like out little Wetzel family. We give each other advice, hear each other out and have nothing but respect for each other.”

Working there is fun but she also said that it can get quite stressful, having to deal with rude customers and big lines. “Don’t get me wrong,” she said. “I love working there but there are just times where I get way too stressed. Some customers can be really picky and rude, especially during the weekends. Those are the days that are really packed!”

She also said that it’s hard to manage school, work, and her outside life. “There are days where I’m really tired and I don’t feel like going into work. Sometimes I even call up some of my coworkers and see if they can take my shift,” she said. “Then there’s school. Sometimes I don’t even have time to do my homework because I have to go to work, or on weekends when my friends and I want to go out we can’t because we either work or we don’t have the same schedules. There are days where I just want to quit.”

Despite the challenges and the schedule, Lara Lopez has really enjoyed working at Wetzel’s Pretzels and hopes to continue working there as long as it benefits her.

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April 2018: At Work | Rhyme Time