Feb 2018: At Work | From Tacos to Chicken

Tyriise Salas, Staff Writer

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“I needed to leave Taco Bell. I wanted leave my old job because it didn’t treat me well,” said Lovie Alston, who currently works at Popeye’s. She loved the people at her old job, but not the manager. Things are different with the manager at Popeye’s.

Alston has worked at the Sunset Center location since January 2. It isn’t perfect, but she does get more money when she covers other people’s shifts. She is often given short three-hour shifts, but has the opportunity to add to those when others are not interested or able to work.

There are not a lot of people that Alston talks to at her job, but she does enjoy listening to them, as her co-workers are really talkative. She said that she would prefer an environment where everyone talks and is social but her reason for staying at Popeye’s is because she needs the money to pay bills. Alston is thinking about finding another job when school is over, although she might stay at Popeye’s for a little while.

In her time working, at both Taco Bell and at Popeye’s, Alston said that she had only had one rude customer, and that was when she was at Taco Bell.

One of the challenges that Alston faces is making time for extracurricular activities, but since she loves to stay busy, this is not a problem. She has a role in the school musical Little Shop of Horrors as one of the Urchins, Chiffon. Balancing, school, rehearsals and work is just what Alston needs to feel excited about her last year in high school.

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Feb 2018: At Work | From Tacos to Chicken