Feb 2018: All in a Name | Destiny

Shaniya Rayford, Staff Writer

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In the movie “Back to the Future,” Marty McFly’s father approaches his future wife with a script that say, “You are my destiny,” but instead he flubs up his intended line and says, “You are my density.” While that hasn’t happened to the three girls named Destiny at Armijo, they do hear a lot of very bad puns about their names.

Destiny Warren has heard so many bad plays on her name that she said she was “so used to it that I feel like I’ve heard every joke in the book.”

Warren has met Destiny Adams and both have met others with the name outside of school, but Destiny Ragsdale said that she had not met anyone who shares her name, either in or outside of school.

Adams said that her mother named her after a group called Destiny’s Child. Both Warren and Ragsdale said that they were named by their fathers. “My father… said that it was fate that I be born,” said Ragsdale.

While they share a common name, the girls have different lives altogether. Ragsdale, for instance, is an only child who dreams of attending New York University when she graduates from Armijo. Warren hopes to go to either Arizona State University or Florida University when she graduates, but for now she is happy to cheer for the Armijo Indians. Her sister Keanna is also an Armijo student. And finally, Adams has two sisters and one brother. Her sister Tania and her brother De’Jean are both students at Armijo. When she graduates, she hopes to attend culinary school.

The three girls may have different destinies, but they all agree that they would, even if given a chance, keep their name.

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Feb 2018: All in a Name | Destiny