College Focus: Yale

Tom Zheng, Senior News Editor

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Are you considering a career in law and want to attend a very prestigious
educational institution? If so, Yale University is for you! Since Yale was founded in
1701, it has been dedicated to inspiring the world with new innovations as well as
sharing knowledge to thousands of students from around the globe.
Yale is based in New Haven, Connecticut, but engages with people and other
universities around the world in an attempt to make new discoveries and train its
students for the real world. At Yale, students are encouraged to explore the academic
landscape and venture into the unknown to find new passions and interests to take
them further than they would ever imagine. The low staff-to- student ratio allows the
faculty to help guide the students as they walk along their path to success.
As you can imagine, obtaining admission into this prestigious university is not an
easy task. Their current acceptance rate sits at an astonishingly low 7% with an
average accepted GPA of 4.19. However, exceptions can be made for those with
exceedingly high ACT or SAT scores, which is already an important prerequisite to
attend Yale University. On average, admitted undergraduates have an average SAT
score of ~1540 and an ACT score of ~33. This is an extremely high bar, especially
considering the fact that superscores are not accepted at Yale. High standards are to be
expected out of aspiring law students, however, so these requirements make sense. If
you are considering a future career as a lawyer and plan to attend Yale, study up and
you may have a good chance!
In addition to being a prestigious institute of higher education, Yale is also a
bustling community where a diverse group of students live and interact. Aside from the
beautiful city of New Haven, the campus itself also has lots to offer in terms of clubs,
athletics, and attractions. A few major aspects of life at Yale include arts, culture,
athletics, health, and community service.
Finally, Yale also has a wide assortment of residences to choose from, including
dormitories and apartments around New Haven. Yale housing strives to create a safe
and proper environment for students to live, work, and be themselves.
Does this sound like a place for you? If so, study hard and you may end up at
Yale University in the near future!

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College Focus: Yale