Picture yourself working for The Armijo Signal


You read it. Why not be part of making it happen? Think about the opportunities that being part of the staff can give you. Here are just a few.

  1. You gain experience in interviewing adults and classmates – a great skill for future job interviews, college interviews and future careers.
  2. You acquire familiarity with the Armijo campus – the classrooms, the teachers and more.
  3. You earn publicity – people see your name and acknowledge your fame.
  4. You practice researching skills while focusing on subjects that interest you – Sports? People? Local events? We deal with it all!
  5. You develop computer knowledge – practice your Google Classroom skills and formatting, learn how to find non-copywrite-protected artwork and more, skills that will help you in your classes and beyond.
  6. You improve skills in meeting deadlines – your teachers will love it when you learn how to get things done in steps on time and your grades elsewhere will reflect this.
  7. You increase efficiency – who can you talk to and when, how can you best use your time, learn these skills through practice and find yourself able to accomplish more!
  8. You increase your awareness of justice – don’t just read what other people think, learn what is going on and be the one to share both sides of the story.
  9. You find an opportunity to express your opinions – Was it really a bad movie? Is that restaurant as good as they’ve said? Spread the word and tell your peers what YOU think.
  10. You discover job readiness – Employers are looking for skilled individuals who can speak, write and research and Mass Media / Journalism I helps you develop those skills

When selecting your electives, consider one that is multi-faceted and will have an impact on your present and your future. Choose Mass Media / Journalism I.

Consider getting started early by contributing this semester. If you are interested or have questions about the class, or want to try it out, email Ms. Herring ([email protected]) or The Armijo Signal ([email protected]).