Feb 2018: Mystery Person | Who wants a movie ticket?

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If he could travel anywhere, February’s first Mystery Person of 2018 would “travel to Japan to see all the technology and visit their street wear shops,” he said. That really comes as no surprise for this Armijo junior who spends his free time playing games, collecting shoes and investing in bitcoin. “I am most proud of investing into bitcoin and making a good sum of money off of it,” he said. If he won $1 million, he has some ideas of what he’d do with the cold hard cash. “I would probably invest most of my money, buy myself a house and give back to my parents,” he said.

He started attending Armijo as a freshman, but his father had been a student at Armijo years earlier. He is currently not involved in any sports or extra-curricular activities, but that could always change.

His plans for the future involve attending college, most likely in Southern California. His preferences include UCLA and a CSU of some sort.

Would extra clues help? His favorite music genre is rap; his favorite color is blue and his favorite food is chicken wings. Now, are you ready to win a movie ticket by guessing the name of this Mystery Person? You have until February 14 to identify him in G-10.

The last Mystery Person was Brianna Lowe who remained a mystery during the last two weeks of January.

If you know the Mystery Person for these two weeks, be the first person to go to G-10 to identify him or her. You will receive a free movie ticket at Edwards Theater. Only one prize per issue will be awarded. Journalism students or club members and Armijo teachers and staff do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will be presented between September and May. Submission cannot be taken during class time but will be accepted between classes, before and after school.

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Feb 2018: Mystery Person | Who wants a movie ticket?